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DeltaNet is Not Your Normal Consulting Firm

We're Northwest of Normal

DeltaNet Consultants is based in Eugene, Oregon in the Pacific Northwest Region of the US. The slogan for our annual Eugene Celebration a few years ago was "Northwest of Normal". We fit right in!

Our Founders

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DeltaNet Management Consultants was founded in 1992 by Hal Stitt and Carene Davis-Stitt .

Hal is an engineer whose career advanced through marketing, operations, and executive management positions in leading high-tech companies over a span of 30 years before founding DeltaNet Consultants. Carene is a social psychologist with a deep and broad understanding of human behavior. They have run DeltaNet Consultants together for 22 of those years.

Together they have developed effective ways to apply much of the research in human behavior to businesses, helping to close a very important information gap. Only the rarest of business managers or researchers have bridged that gap. The dominant majority of whom work conventionally in their institutionally separate worlds.

Our Mission is Not Normal

The researchers in human behavior have compiled a huge body of knowledge about human behavior, explaining why people do what they do. They publish their findings in journals read by other researchers. Business managers, who are often quick to assert that their people are their most valuable assets, don't read those journals.

Our mission is to close that gap. We develop a solid understanding of a client's business situation and their aspirations. Then we choose and apply elements of the research findings that can best change the situation toward the aspirations. Finally, we coach them to win against their best competitor. Our Mission

Our History is Not Normal

For the past 18 plus years, DeltaNet has been operated by an engineer and a social psychologist, a married couple. We have helped high tech clients to take advantage of the opportunities only seen through understanding the drivers of human behavior that create winning businesses of all kinds. Our History

We have served clients of all sizes, from six-person startups to industry leaders. We have helped our clients to create new customers, to create new businesses, to become more successful businesses by making better use of the knowledge of human behavior within their companies, within their businesses and in their interactions with their customers. Leading Clients

Winners are Not Normal

Michael Phelps is not a normal swimmer. He has won more Olympic medals than any other Olympian. He has broken 37 world records in swimming. That's not normal. He's a winner. We help businesses do that—to break out of the pack of normal businesses and become the winners.

If your business focus is on making the quarter or comparing results against expectations or against history, your business is a normal business. It could be a healthy normal business. It could be a sustainable normal business, for a while. But that's not enough to make it a winning business.

There can only be one winning business in any given market. The measure of that winning business was established by Peter Drucker when he wrote: " The ONLY purpose of a business is to create a customer."

In any given market, the supplier with the most customers is the winner. We help clients win the most customers, the biggest market share, the most profits by unleashing the untapped potential within their most valuable assets—their people!