Hal Stitt

A Brief Biography

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Hal Stitt is a founding partner in DeltaNet Management Consultants, a small firm dedicated to helping businesses to improve their performance by:

Professional Experience

Hal's corporate life spans more than 30 years. He began his career in engineering and project management in 1962 with Interstate Electronics Corporation. He transitioned into marketing management in 1969 as one of three founders of a new business for IEC.

He has led global marketing and sales organizations for Interstate Electronics, Fluke, Acurex, Systron Donner, and Wavetek. Prior to founding DeltaNet Management Consultants in 1992, he served 10 years with Wavetek, beginning as European Operations Manager, and ending as Vice President of Marketing for the Corporation.

Consulting projects with DeltaNet Consultants have covered a broad range of industries and product applications, such as:

International Experience

Immersion in business and social cultures outside the US has given Hal a global perspective. He created his first worldwide marketing and sales organization in 1970, serving the US, Europe, Southeast Asia, and the Middle East and the Soviet Union. He has served 8 years in European-based assignments.

He has held operating responsibility for five companies located outside the US: In Germany, France, and the UK. He lived with his family in The Netherlands and Germany for a total 6 years. He has traveled frequently throughout many of the world's industrialized countries.

He clearly sees the contrasting paradigms that set the few very successful internationally active companies apart from the rest, and how companies can switch to the more successful paradigms.

Education and Professional Activities

Hal earned the BS in electronic engineering with honors from California State Polytechnic University in 1962. He has published articles in the electronic trade press, including a bimonthly feature in Test & Measurement World. He founded the Marketing and Sales Committee for the San Diego Chapter of the American Electronics Association, and chaired that committee for three years. He served as Publicity Chair for the National Conference of Standards Laboratories. He speaks often on topics such as high-performance teams, customer integration, multinational business, concurrent engineering, shifting paradigms, and quality function deployment.