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Our founders and the current operators of our firm

Our founders are the current operators of our firm. We are a married couple who bring together a rare combination of expertise and experience to help clients optimize the performance of their most important assets: Their people.

Carene Davis-Stitt is a social psychologist. Hal Stitt is an engineer with research and development, marketing management, and executive experience. Working together, they have successfully applied the well-researched fundamentals of human behavior to identify and enable the talents and skills of people normally hidden in conventional organizations.

Both Carene and Hal have significant working and life experience outside the US. They have lived in The Netherlands and in Germany for a total of 6 years.

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Carene Davis-Stitt, Ph.D.

Carene Davis-Stitt is a founding partner in DeltaNet Management Consultants. Dr. Davis-Stitt helps client companies build high-performance cross-functional and cross-cultural teams. She develops and delivers development programs designed to specifically address each client's needs.

Carene provides consulting, conflict resolution, facilitation, training, and coaching services to help managers and executives to connect the right people together interdependently to create new products, new customers, and new businesses. She consults in the formation of cross-functional teams, and trains and coaches the teams to continually raise their skill and performance levels to outperform their best competitors—in the judgment of the customers.

Her research work in Social Psychology has focused on how the powerful forces generated by people's group affiliations affect their individual behavior. DeltaNet is her vehicle to apply those principles in the business world to unite teams of people across the walls between departments, operating divisions, management and the managed—and perhaps most important, across the gulfs between businesses and their customers.

Carene is currently serving as Member of the Board of Directors of Soroptimist International of the Americas . SIA is one of four Federations in Soroptimist International, a global service organization with more than 90,000 members dedicated to improving the lives of women and girls.

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Hal Stitt

Hal earned the BS in Electronic Engineering with honors from Cal Poly, Pomona in 1962. His career progressed through a sequence of engineering, project management, marketing, management, and executive roles in high-tech companies for 30 years before he and Carene founded DeltaNet Consultants in 1992.

He draws on his long, successful, multi-cultural experience in high-tech engineering, marketing and business management roles to help DeltaNet clients to create new businesses that will cause their companies to grow and thrive far beyond the life cycles of their current businesses.

Working together, Hal and Carene select and apply applicable aspects of the extensive body of research on human behavior created by the researchers in psychology and sociology to help clients create winning businesses.

Hal is a curious critical thinker. He enjoys driving on long road trips and he jogs on the beautiful river trails near his home in Eugene, Oregon.

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