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History of DeltaNet Management Consultants

A Brief Summary of Our Firm's Background

DeltaNet History

DeltaNet Management Consultants was founded in 1992 by Hal Stitt, an engineer/business executive, and Carene Davis-Stitt, a social psychologist.

As a married couple, the founders were able to discuss and merge important features of those highly differentiated disciplines. The inspiration to form our consulting practice sprung from two key observations

DeltaNet Management Consultants was formed to help close that gap. We reasoned that businesses could be more successful if they could improve the performance of the people in the business, especially the lower-level people—those more numerous and closer to the customers.

The Meaning of Our Name

We chose the word DeltaNet in our name to associate it with our core purpose: To help businesses innovate by networking people together around vital business missions.

"Delta" Means Change

The Greek letter Δ (Delta) is commonly used as a symbol for change. Achieving the innovation component of our firm's purpose requires change. We see innovation is a specific kind of change, a kind of change that benefits those who receive or apply the innovation. We associate the word Delta in our name with that kind of change, with innovation.

"Net" Means Connecting People with Each Other

Networking is the fundamental mechanism we use to create innovation. It links people in all walks of life into dynamic groups focused on something important to all of the group members. We associate the word Net in our name with getting people to work interdependently across functional or departmental boundaries to win customers, and getting people in businesses to work interdependently with their customers and their suppliers.

These two simple concepts we associate with the word DeltaNet in our name serve all of the requirements for business success as defined by Peter Drucker: (The quotes are from Dr. Drucker's Management, 1974.)

If we find ourselves drifting away from our core purpose,
we simply remember our name, DeltaNet, to pull us right back on course.

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