Our Mission

We serve the visionaries, pioneers, and innovators in the business world who could substantially improve their company's performance, but are constrained by traditional corporate practices that systematically ignore new opportunities to pursue traditional beliefs such as efficiency and operational excellence.

We advise, train, and coach clients to develop the knowledge, skills, and processes to solve problems and seize opportunities to grow, strengthen, and sustain their companies.

Our services are developed and delivered by a technologist with strong marketing and management experience and a social psychologist with a sound understanding of the research on human behavior. That combination helps clients learn to work together constructively by working together with their primary stakeholders; their fellow employees, their customers, and their investors.

We help our clients to frame the relatively recent and dynamic learnings about human behavior and the functioning of the brain within the context of long-standing business fundamentals such as vision, mission, and strategy.

We pledge to gather and deliver the most applicable research findings to help each client deal with the specific situations they are facing, at the time they are facing them. We also pledge to persistently improve and innovate our consulting, training, and coaching services to help our clients to lead the inevitable changes in their customer communities and in their competitors.

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