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An Overview of How We Help People in Businesses to Learn, Unite, Win


Our value to our clients is helping them to create and build winning businesses. This site is designed to help visitors to learn about how we do that.

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Who Said This?

The effect of a message depends to a great extent on who said it. For example, US President John F. Kennedy's declaration that he believed we should send a man to the moon and bring him safely back to earth had a different meaning to most people than if exactly the same message had been delivered by a friend, a relative, or worse yet, by a subordinate.

So, to help you to better understand the meanings of the messages we present here, we suggest that you first learn a bit about the people who created those messages. You can find us here.
Our Founders

Our Core Beliefs

Cognitive consistency impels people to balance their actions with their beliefs. Doing something that is contrary to one's beliefs generates bad feelings. Doing something that aligns with one's beliefs generates pleasant feelings. The result is a continual adjustment of one's actions or beliefs, or both.

It is easier for most people to change their behaviors than their beliefs. In fact, people tend to strengthen their beliefs over time, especially their core beliefs. So the better one understands another person's core beliefs, the better one will understand what that person does and why they do it. Perhaps even more important, one will be able to predict another person's future behaviors to a useful degree of accuracy.

To better understand us at DeltaNet Consultants, and the services we deliver, learn about our core beliefs here.
Our Core Beliefs

The Business Climate

The global economic systems have been in recession for the past few years, and there seems to be no expectation of a recovery in the near future. Conventional wisdom causes people react to recessions by sharply cutting costs and expenses, and hunkering down until the recovery. A few others realize that market shares change more during recessions than they do in boom times, and they enact strategies to also gain market share before the economies recover.

If you fall into the latter category, or if you just want to consider our unconventional perspective, please browse through our section on Recession Strategies. We believe you will see that the Services, Workshops, and Programs we offer our to clients are not dependent on a booming economy. We can help clients win customers away from the more conventional thinkers in mature businesses, especially during tough economic times. Because many customers are more willing to switch suppliers during recessions, we are even more valuable to our clients in the current economic climate.

Our Programs, Workshops, and Services

Armed with some knowledge of who we are and what we believe in, and realizing that the current recession is the best time to win customers from your more established competitors, we are confident that you will find value in the descriptions of our products on this site.

Peter Drucker prescribed in his book, Management, "The ONLY purpose of a business is to create a customer...The customer defines the business". Our Programs, Workshops, and Services are the categories of our products that clients have chosen most often to help them to create customers and engage with them to help the customers to define their businesses—as prescribed by Dr. Drucker.

Think about that. Wouldn't it would be difficult to lose if you create customers and help them define your business?

Our Programs

In the opinions of our clients, our Programs are the most highly valued of our services. Our Programs are logical frameworks of all of the fundamentals that we apply. But no two Programs are the same. Each delivery has been tailored to the situation each client is facing and the aspirations each client values most highly.

Our Business Development Programs help clients create new businesses. That has been vital in large companies to offset the inevitable decline of their mature businesses. They have also helped startups and growth companies to create new customers and to help those customers to define their businesses.

Customer Relationship Development and Sales Channel Development are parts of our Business Development Programs. We often deliver them separately to help clients who do not need completely new businesses, but want to attract more customers to their current businesses.

Follow this link to learn more about our Programs.

Our Workshops

Our Workshops are comprised of a combination of training and practice. The training instills elements of knowledge, skills, and processes. The practice sessions, coached by DeltaNet, develop the ability to apply the knowledge, skills, and processes in their real work.

Think of a competitive athletic team. Most team members would say that they put far more time and effort into practice under the expertise of an effective coach than they do into locker room presentations of knowledge, skills, and processes. Practice moves those abstractions from the conscious mind into the unconscious mind, where they can be put to use without logical thought.

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Our Services

Our Services are designed from components of our Workshops and our Programs. They have helped clients to unite people around important initiatives in two ways. For example, we can conduct a workplace mediation to resolve existing conflicts that stand as a obstacle to business growth. We can also train people to conduct mediations on their own.

As voicing different views becomes more normal, skills and processes evolve to create richer, more multi-dimensional views of the situations the business is facing and of the potential courses of action that could be used to improve those situations.

Mediation skills and process are the keys to collaboration. They replace compliance and silos with creativity and cross-functional cooperation. But Mediation is only one of the many services we deliver to help client business to learn, unite, and win.

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