Get to Know
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Customer Relationship Development Program

Retain More of Your Current Customers, Create More New Customers,
Help Your Customers Define Your Business!

Our Customer Relationship Development Program is tailored to make the most of each client's specific business aspirations and target customer network. It is delivered as a stand-alone program, or as the centerpiece of our Business Development Program, immediately following our Team Launch Workshop.

Customer Relationship Development typically progresses through these four phases over a period of 1 to 3 months:

But This Most Fundamental Level of Competition is Very Often Ignored

In our experience, most business managers and executives do not take full advantage of the latent power in their customer relationships.

Learn, Unite, Win

Our Customer Integration Program unites a small number of people into cross-functional teams. We help managers select people who can represent a broad cross-section of internal stakeholder groups. We train and coach those people to develop the knowledge, skills and processes they will need to connect as people with their customers and their prospects better than their best competitors can.

We help people get out of their endless string of internal meetings, get out the door and into in their customers' environments. That's where team members learn about the customers and about each other in ways that will lead to retaining more of their current customers, winning new customers, co-creating value with their customers, and helping the customers to define their businesses.

Our Customer Relationship Development Program in a Nutshell

Program Planning

We deliver consulting and coaching services to managers responsible for the program to help them define its scope and objectives:

Effective Customer Interviews Workshop

Our Customer Interviews Workshop presents the skills and processes that we have developed over the past 15 years in a concise 1-day interactive workshop.

Coaching Customer Relationship Development Teams

Interview teams learn a lot in our Customer Interview Workshop, but the development of the skills and the effective use of the processes needed to become a proficient interview team takes practice and a process of continual improvement.

That process of continual improvement proceeds much faster and reaches higher levels of proficiency if the interview teams have a coach, particularly during the first 10 or 20 interviews, where both good and bad habits are most like to become well established.

We deploy a coach to travel with the teams. The coach facilitates the briefings and debriefings, applies just-in-time training between interviews, and helps the team members to overcome the inevitable disappointments that come with learning a new skill or adopting a new process.

Our coach participates as an observer during the interviews, much like a sports coach would do. We only rarely engage in the interview process, e.g. to help an interviewer in a particularly difficult situation.

Understanding the Results of the Customer Interviews

The process described so far is very similar to the first phases of the Quality Function Deployment Process, as it was defined and adopte in Japan beginning in the 1950s. Adoption of QFD by the western cultures too often omitted the human relationships between the interview teams and the customers. In the Japanese culture, that was taken more or less for granted. In the western cultures, it was converted to a more structured, more data driven process.

The process we use in our Customer Relationship Development Programs is more like the original Japanese QFD process. It is relationship-based, not data-based. Therefore the outcome is relatively unstructured, like a conversation among friends. Normal data reduction process are not applicable.

We offer coaching and training to help the interview teams create winning solutions using a rational process similar to the Japanese version of QFD:

Project Planning and Execution

Cross-functional Customer Interview Teams create excellent project plans based on their shared knowledge of their potential customers and their shared experiences in creating their own prioritized list of solutions together.

Even more important, teams members who have created their own plans together, based on the experiences they shared with their potential customers and the knowledge they acquired during those experiences, will move mountains to do what they have planned to do.

Cross-functional teams of people who skillfully use our Customer Interview Processes will win customers from competitors who define their businesses, their products, and their customers using more conventional methods within conventional hierarchical organizations.

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