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Sales Network Development Programs

Win Customers By Converting Your Sales Channels to Sales Networks

Build Sales Networks, Not Sales Channels

Channels limit participation to improve efficiency, networks encourage participation to improve performance. Link together all of the people who will affect or who will be affected by the sale of your products and services into a complex, adaptive human network. That network will lead directly to retaining more of your current customers and winning new customers in many ways. Here are just a few of them:

It's a Paradigm Shift

Converting from sales channels to sales systems is a paradigm shift. Established paradigms are...established. New paradigms seem risky to people engaged in the established paradigms. Professional, capable, objective outside intervention is normally needed to quickly and successfully make the paradigm shift from sales channels to sales systems.

We have developed a Program to do that. The overall network that we train and coach our clients to develop has 7 smaller networks nested inside of it. (See diagram below) We help our clients to replace conventional beliefs, such as the sales channels own the customers, with scientifically researched principles of human behavior. No one owns the customers. Actually, the customers are in charge of the sales transactions. They alone choose what they will buy, and from whom they will buy!

We help companies and their businesses in the Supplier Network to lead the development of the other 6 networks. The objective is to constructively link people together within the smaller networks, across the boundaries of the smaller networks, all with a common mission and purpose defined collaboratively by the overall network. Customers will strongly prefer the brands and products they feel connected with from businesses they feel connected with. Download our presentation Seeing Businesses as Systems for more about this vital topic.

Our Role

Like all new paradigms, embarking on a program to shift to this emerging network of seven networks often seems too complex and risky for people doing well in the current paradigm. It's natural human behavior. The geocentric model of the universe, in which the universe revolves around the Earth, survived more than 300 years of challenges by oddballs like Copernicus, Galileo, and Newton for the same reasons. But it's what we do for a living. We help clients get diverse people to work together interdependently. It's the core value in our team-building programs.

We help clients conceive these networks, select the people to launch them, train and coach the various teams, task forces, workgroups and management to develop and operate these kinds of networks. People learn to do their own situation assessments, set their own goals, develop their own plans to achieve those goals, and execute those plans with a passion not possible in hierarchical organizations.

Our mission in our Sales Channel Development Program is to deliver training and coaching services to help our clients to take the leap from the Sales Channel Paradigm onto the Sales Network Paradigm, and to develop create customers by enabling and empowering these 7 networks better than your best competitors can. Customers will want to buy your products and services from your business, rather than the products of your competitors. Our role is to help your businesses replace the dysfunctional concepts of ;selling" with the far more productive concepts of "buying".

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