Recessions Favor
Emerging Businesses!

Winning Strategies for Emerging Businesses

It's a Great Time to Start a Business!

Six companies born during downturns

Think a recession is a bad time to start a company? Imagine if the founders of these major corporations had thought the same...

(Excerpted from CNN Small Business web site on 10 Feb 2009.)

The Technology Enthusiasts Are Not Hard to Find

This is a common excuse for not looking for the right people. There may be a handful of them buried in the superstructures of companies with hundreds or thousands of people. But everyone knows them. If you have a contact in a big corporation, ask that person to help find the technology enthusiasts working to create new things that your potential products can uniquely address.

Put the Customers First

It's often hard for entrepreneurs in startups to see the importance of the customers. Think of it this way: Your startup cannot succeed without customers, but the customers can succeed without your startup. The customers come first on the importance scale, before the products.

Those same entrepreneurs too often believe that they can create products in their imaginations that will be far superior to products being bought by customers who also exist in their imaginations. The winners interact with some of the prospective customers beginning with the conceptual stage of product development. They identify the prospective customers first, well before investing in product development. The customers come first on the time scale, before the products.

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We train and coach clients to use teamwork across their emerging organizations and with their prospective customers. The focus of the teamwork is to connect the people creating the emerging business with their emerging customers to interdependently do things the way the customers really want things done.

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