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Conventional Consulting Services

Consultants normally do things that the people in a business do not want to do, or they help business managers to see and understand the situations their businesses are facing, from an outside perspective not available to people inside the business.

Our Unconventional Consulting Services

Three key attributes of DeltaNet's Consultng Services differentiate them from most conventional services:

Unusual Professional Diversity

Hal Stitt, one of our founders, has a long and distinguished career in the high-tech business sector. He began his career as an electronic engineer, and rose through the engineering, sales and marketing ranks to marketing vice president. Brief Bio

Carene Davis-Stitt, also a DeltaNet founder, is a social psychologist. Her expertise is in understanding how the real or imagined presence of others affects people's behavior. Brief Bio

One is a techie who understands how things work. The other is a psychologist who understands how people work. It's a rare, winning combination.

We have very effectively applied this combination of polar opposite backrounds with high-tech clients. Executives in high-tech companies are often former researchers or former engineers like Hal. They often rely too heavily on their clever inventions to build their businesses. The failure rate is 80% or more.

People build businesses. With luck, the clever inventions may provide a temporal competitive advantage. Getting people in your company to network constructively with people in their customrs' companies can provide a permanent competitive advantage. We can help you to do that.

A Real Global Perspective

The word "real" was carefully chosen. To us, it means people outside our home country believe we have a global perspective! It just doesn't matter that your friends and neighbors in your home country believe you have a global perspective. They are not going to buy your products and services in another country!

We believe a person cannot have a global perspective without having lived in more than one country. This is especially true in the United States, there is a plethora of "international experts" who have never lived outside the United States.

We are Americans who have lived for six years in The Netherlands and in Germany. Our children have attended in the international schools in those countries. We know how few expatriates there are in the communities where we lived. We have called the Amsterdam and Munich airports our home airports. Hal has operated companies in Germany, the UK and France. He has traveled extensively in all of the countries of Europe, including many of the former East European countries. We have traveled less frequently in the Middle East,Southeast Asia, and many other industrialized countries around the world.

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