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Benefits of Facilitated Meetings and Workshops

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Our Facilitation Services Offering

We offer a range of Training and Coaching Services to help clients to develop skilled facilitators in their organizations, and we offer Professional Facilitation Services for those important meetings with a lot at stake.

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Facilitator Training

Our Facilitator Training is tailored to the specific interests of each client company, and delivered by our Founders to small groups of 4 to 20 participants.

One-Day Facilitator Training Workshop

This workshop is intended for people without prior training or experience in facilation. It includes both presentations and practice sessions to impart the basic knowledge, skills, and processes that will enable participants to conduct effective facilitatons. Participants will leave this workshop with the ability to guide diverse groups of people to produce higher quality work products with a stronger commitment to executing those those work products.


Following the Basic Facilitator Training Workshop, people normally continue to develop their facilitation capabilities through the ongoing use of those capabilities. Our Coaching services speed up that development and guide it toward the most effective new knowledge, skills, and processes for each individual.

We also offer coaching for people with prior facilitation training and experience to improve their capabilities in much the same way that accomplished athletes use coaches to continue to improve their capabilities.

Facilitation Services

We also offer Professional Facilitation services for your most important meetings, and as a core component of our Programs and our Workshops.

Why Doesn't Every Company Use Facilitation as a Standard Practice?

Managers and executives in conventionally structured companies take great pleasure in the status, power, and authority that they have acquired through many years of dedication, loyalty, and hard work. They can easily believe that empowering people below them to make their own decisions, develop their own plans, and collaborate with people working for other managers would diminish their cherished positions.

The Irony

The most touted business success stories involve enlightened executives who encouraged the creation of cultures in which lower level people were empowered and collaboration across functional group boundaries was the norm. Examples would include Hewlett Packard, Microsoft, Apple, Google, Facebook...and virtually all of the companies in the phenomenon known as Silicon Valley.

Helping People at All Levels to Achieve Real Success

Our Coaching Services help the participants in facilitated meetings, the facilitators, AND the responsible managers to understand the systems creating the obstacles to achieving the benefits of the use of facilitated meetings as a standard practice. For example, processes such as Stage Gate, Quality Function Deployment, and Concurrent Engineering empower small groups of people to make their decisions and to work independently between check points, and enhanced the power and authority of management at the checkpoints.

To Learn More

If you already use in-house facilitators but suspect there is room for improvement, contact us to learn how our Facilitator Training and Coaching Services can apply fundamental learnings in human behavior to strengthen their skills, and improve their processes.

If you are planning a major event where high quality outcomes matter and where the commitment to those outcomes must be strong, contact us to learn how our Facilitation Services can make it happen.