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Cooperation as a Competitive Strategy

There Seems to be Room for Improvement

We have seen the insides of thousands of businesses. So far, we have not found a single one suffering from too much cooperation among its employees, with its customers, or with its suppliers. We believe all of them could be more successful with less individual, functional responsibility and more interactive, cross-functional, cross-cultural responsibility.

Empowered cross-functional teams have won consistently over their more conventionally organized competitors. The opportunity to win customers with more teamwork, with better cooperation, with empowered teams is right in front of you. Take it!

Cooperate to Win!

We help businesses do that. We help people in businesses learn how to work more successfully together, to unite around their learnings and to win against their strongest competitors.

Exploding a Myth

The Myth

Conventional wisdom tells us that one of the core strengths of hierarchical business organizations is they enable people in positions of power to cut through the details, make decisions quickly, and enforce compliance with those decisions. Problems are solved quickly and decisively!

The Truth

Classical functional hierarchies are not good at solving problems! If that rubs you the wrong way, count yourself among the majority.

While functional hierarchies certainly do have their strengths in business organizations, solving problems is not one of them. It's just the opposite.

The primary mission of a hierarchy is to perpetuate the hierarchy. A perpetual inventory of problems is necessary to do that. Solving all the problems would eliminate the need for the hierarchy.

Cooperation Delivers Better Results

Every business we have seen would perform better with more cooperation among its people and its organizational units. Better performance would come as a direct result of higher quality problem solving, more effective exploitation of opportunities, and a stronger sense of commitment to the outcomes of both efforts.

To get better cooperation, important issues must be addressed by skilled groups of dissimilar people working interdependently across functional boundaries to achieve commonly held goals. To do that, those people need outside perspectives and the skillful use of processes such as mediation, facilitation, and team building that bring them together to combine their opinions into something far more valuable than the best of their individual opinions.

Interdependent, diverse people, well-trained in collaborative skills and processes will:

We Can Help Your company Cooperate to Win!

Our services help businesses do that. Each of our services helps groups of diverse people
more clearly see what they are facing, understand more precisely what they want to achieve,
and plan more interactively to realize those achievements.
That creates higher quality decisions and plans, with a stronger sense of commitment to achieving them.

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