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Team Launch Workshop

Create and Launch Empowered Cross-Functional Teams on Vital Missions of Innovation
In this Intensive, Comprehensive 5-day Workshop.

Why Launch Teams?

Real Teams are the most capable, most passionate, most innovative, most competitive organizations of people. Functional hierarchies are the most orderly, most effective administrative organizations. Wise executives use both—Real Teams to create and operate their businesses and functional hierarchies to operate their companies.
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This 5-day workshop launches Real Teams, built on a solid foundation of team skills and processes. The teams will create their overall project plan and their proposal to execute the first stage of their plan. They will develop a very strong commitment to achieving the team's goals and to gaining the buy-in of management and of their colleagues in the company to support the team on its mission.

Our Team Launch Workshop was developed on a foundation of research by social psychologists and sociologists, especially their research on effects of group affiliations on the behaviors of individual—Group Dynamics. Applying that research gives companies and their businesses an overwhelming advantage over their rivals who tend to ignore it.

Synopsis of the Team Launch Workshop

Team Launch is a 5-day workshop delivered in 3 major stages: Preparation, Primary Team Training, and Program Planning. It is delivered by Hal Stitt and Carene Davis-Stitt, the founders and current operators of DeltaNet Management Consultants. Go to our Founders Bios for their brief introductions.

Stage 1: Preparation: Better Preparation Gives Better the Outcomes

Prior to the first team meeting, DeltaNet consultants help people in the client's organization to develop the Team Challenge and to select the team members.

Develop the Team Challenge

We help clients develop their Team Challenge to be both difficult to achieve and worthy of achievement. It must become the cause that the team will rally around. It must specify the company's expectations of the team over the long haul and the boundaries within which the team will be expected to work.

Select Team Members

DeltaNet often helps in the selection of team members. The team membership must represent all of the significant stakeholder groups, e.g. the functional groups in the hierarchy that will affect or will be affected by the team's work products. Also, the team members must possess the temperaments appropriate for effective teamwork and a broad diversity of interests, skills, and experience.

We also advise management on the development of the initial framework for a working environment that both nurtures the fledgling team and holds the team accountable.

Stage 2: Primary Team Training: Strong Teams are Built on the Fundamentals of Human Behavior

Primary Team Training is usually delivered in the first 2 days the 5-day Team Launch Workshop. It builds a common knowledge base among the team members and begins the development of the team skills and processes that team members will continue to build during the next stage of the Team Launch Workshop—and beyond as they pursue their Mission toward their Team Challenge.

In the Primary Team Training Module team members will develop:

Stage 3: Program Planning: Teams Learn Teamwork Doing the Team's Work

The Program Planning Module is usually delivered in the final 3 days of the 5-day Team Launch Workshop. We provide coaching, facilitation, and just-in-time training services to guide the team through Program Planning, as a continuation of the development of the team's skills and processes begun in Stage 2.

But the team does the work. That brings the team members closer together, and the members naturally develop their sense of confidence, capability, responsibility, and authority—all focused on achieving the Team Challenge.

The team will present its Program Plan to company management as the final step of the workshop. The plan will be organized as a logical sequence of work stages, with each stage beginning and ending with a management review. This review, at the end of the Team Launch Workshop, will begin the first checkpoint. Following the Team Launch Workshop, the team will negotiate with management for approval of their plan—general agreement on the overall plan specific authorization to proceed with the first stage of work.

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