Experience Real Teamwork!

Team Up! Workshop

Participants in this 1-day workshop
experience the development of the basic skills and processes
that team members must do together to form real teams

An Introduction to Real Teamwork

Experience things the members of a prospective team must do together to form cross-functional, cross-cultural teams. These things are the skills and processes team members can only learn by working together with their current teammates:

These are essential things this team with these members with this assignment must do together, must experience together, in order to form into a team.

The Problem

An All-Too-Common Scenario

It is as common as a coffee break for people to be assigned to work together to do something important. Of course, they are called a team in the assignment announcement. Sometime later, disappointment sets in when the "team" fails to produce as expected.

The underlying reason is almost always the failure of the people on the "team" to establish a common purpose, to learn how to work effectively together, to actually form a team. In many cases, the members or their managers consciously decide not to do the "team formation things". There is not enough time, it seems silly or illogical, or they believe they don't need it.

The Scenario May be Common, But It's Not The Way To Win!

The key point is that far too often neither the team members nor the managers assigning them to the team understand or apply the essential elements of team formation and performance, but they all expect the kinds of results real teams would produce. People who would not engage in competitive sports without training or coaching regularly engage in competitive business without them.

Consequences of Skipping the Essential Team Skills and Processes

Launching a team without knowing about the things listed in the box above, or skipping them, for any reason is foolish. But it's not at all unusual. Skipping them will guarantee:

The Solution

DeltaNet has developed this one-day workshop to give people the experience of forming into a team. In just one day, participants in this workshop will do the things essential to team formation together.

What to Expect

The workshop is a highly concentrated natural sequence of exercises in which the participants actually form a team.

Experiential Learning

The experience produces the learning. Participants will understand the essential things they did together to form their teams, and they will be able to convey those experiences to fellow team members when they return their work places.

Learn Teamwork Doing the Team's Work

Teams learn teamwork doing the team's work. Don't expect a lecture. Expect to work, expect to interact with others on a team in formation, expect to accomplish something important, and expect to enjoy the accomplishment.

Team Member Selection

If you come to this workshop as an individual, not as a member of a natural team, you will be grouped with other attendees to form a new team. If you come to this workshop with other members of an existing team, we will keep your team intact during the workshop. In either case, you will experience the essential things that team members do to form a real team.

A Logical Sequence of Working Sessions

The working sessions start with the simpler things and with short sessions. Each new working session builds on the previous sessions. You will progress to more and more difficult tasks during the workshop. Your team will produce real work products in each of these working sessions:

Individually, you will learn to use some vital teamwork processes. If you are already familiar with some of them, expect to understand them better and to improve your skills in using them. If you are not familiar with some of these tools, expect to get familiar with what they are and how to use them well in the future.

What You Get

Handbook and Exercise Book

In addition to the experience of doing the essential things to form a team, you will take with you a Handbook and an Exercise Book. The Handbook will be useful to you as a reminder of the experience, what you have done, and what you have learned. You can use it as a guide to help form teams you are on or teams you may join in the future. The Workbook is a handy place to record your observations, notes, and outcomes of the exercises.

Who Should Attend?

How to Attend

DeltaNet delivers the Team Up! Workshop in two ways: Public workshops and in-house workshops. The in-house workshops are tailored to the specific needs of the client.

To find a public workshop near you or to learn how to arrange an in-house workshop,
go to Contact DeltaNet on this site, and use any of the methods on that page to reach us.