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We have created and developed these workshops over the past 18 years as key components of our Programs to help our clients create and deploy empowered cross-functional teams to:

Learn by Doing

All of our workshops are built on the concept that teams learn teamwork doing the team's work. Participants receive introductory training in core skills and processes, then they practice and apply those skills and processes under the watchful eyes of our skilled team coaches. In our Team Launch Workshop, the team produces a detailed program proposal for management review and approval.

Our Training Purpose

Helping Good Businesses Become Winning Businesses

First and foremost, our training purpose is to help good business become winning businesses. To do that, we help businesses create and deploy empowered cross-functional teams that naturally take a more unconventional, more innovative, more comprehensive view of their business and its customers.

Unconventional Businesses Deliver Unconventional Results

Behaving unconventionally is a key part of a winning strategy for businesses in emerging or high growth markets, the Stars and Question Marks in the well-known Boston Consulting Group Matrix. That's where the competition is tough, where market positions can change quickly, where innovation and marketing excellence create a stronger, more defensible market position before market maturity sets in.

Market Leaders Must Continually Create New Market Leaders

Businesses that have already won the leading share of their markets and their markets have matured are not home free. These businesses are the Cash Cow quadrant of the BCG matrix. They need to generate the cash needed to create new businesses in emerging or growing markets.

Cash Cows Do Not Last Forever

The name Cash Cow wasn't chosen thoughtlessly by the Boston Consulting Group. Picture a dairy with a herd of mature cows producing lots of milk. As the cows grow a little older, their production begins to diminish. The dairy will fail as the producing cows age unless there are more than enough calves being born into the herd to more than replace the high-producing but aging cows.

Neither Do Mature Markets

The market life cycle phase that follows maturity is decline. The challenge for dominant businesses in mature markets is to invest some of the cash generated in the mature markets into projects to innovate new Star and Question Mark businesses. Long term success depends on replacing the slow growth and the revenue declines that inevitably follow the peak at market maturity with hot new products serving emerging and growing markets.

How Our Workshops Help Clients Create New Markets

Our workshops and coaching develop powerful cross-functional and cross-cultural teams in startup companies, in mid-size competitive companies, and in companies depending on currently mature businesses. Cross-functional teams with the will and the capability to win can deliver across the spectrum of company sizes.

That's where we add value! That's where our workshops and our coaching help our clients to learn, unite, win.

How Our Workshops Fit Into That Bigger Picture

DeltaNet Workshops are designed as components of a larger system of learning and development. Please visit Programs to learn more.

Our workshops integrate many of the other services we offer to help teams learn teamwork while doing the team's work. Please visit Services to learn more.

Our Training Premises

Empowered Cross-Functional Teams are the Engines of Winning Businesses

We believe that businesses that intrinsically integrate cross-functional and cross-cultural teams into their conventional business hierarchy will win consistently against rivals who rely more on the hierarchal organizational model.

We believe the primary effect is created by moving much of the business decision making from functional management to the teams. Members of the teams are more intimately connected with the customers. The critical decisions that determine which business wins or loses is made by the customers, not by management. Empowered cross-functional teams in strong relationships with the customers do that far, far better than the best functional managers.

Teams Learn Teamwork Doing the Team's Work

We believe that empowered business teams learn teamwork doing the team's work, not by climbing on ropes or falling off ladders. Our workshops are biased toward helping team members to learn and practice new skills and processes in their business environment, while producing their work product.

Just-In-Time Learning

We train and coach teams of diverse people to consistently create winning businesses. Teams with a diverse membership pursuing missions vital to developing winning businesses need workshops and coaching to learn and practice major new skills and processes at just the right stage of their development. We call it just-in-time learning.

Experiential Learning

DeltaNet Workshops emphasize the development of skills and processes through experiential learning, focused like a laser on the work to be done and the mission to be won.

That contrasts sharply with simpler, more detached training methods that focus mainly on conveying knowledge or demonstrating features of teamwork in a non-business context. Of course, knowledge is important, but we believe knowledge must be specific to the mission in cases where winning matters, like in a business.

People with strong skills, working interactively, using effective processes and focused on shared goals they all value highly will find ways to get the knowledge they need to help them win against their strongest rivals.

The reverse is not true. People amassing knowledge mainly for the sake of having it, or to check off a completion box in their HR file, are far less likely to do something worthwhile with that knowledge.

Our beliefs about learning businesses drive the design and application of our workshops. Please visit Learning to get more on this vital, foundational topic.

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